With Horizontal Line Alert, you can easily set up a trading alert using horizontal line, for either Break Above, Break Below or both, and be notified when your alert is triggered.

First, create a horizontal line at the level that you wish to set a trading alert on.

Next, click on the line to activate the shortcut menu and select the Trading Alert Icon.

In the Alert Settings menu, you can set alert for either Break Above, Break Below or both.

In this example, we shall set an alert for Break Above. An active alert icon will be displayed on the line for your reference.

When your alert is triggered, an email notification will be sent to you. From the email notification, simply click on the link to launch the chart directly on your device.

Zoom in to the section where the alert was triggered. There will be a visual change to the alert icon to reflect a triggered alert on the line.

That’s it! Head in to www.traderwave.com to set your alert right now, so that you will not miss another trading opportunity again!

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